39th Annual Budafest Parade Application

December 1 | 6:30 PM | Downtown Buda | www.budafest.org

The Budafest parade is a time-honored tradition dating back to the very first Budafest event 39 years ago. At the parade, families, businesses, organizations and groups come together to kick-off the holidays with a family-friendly celebration through the heart of Downtown Buda. This year, our theme is Winter Wonderland. We challenge you to incorporate your brightest lights into a Winter Wonderland escape!

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Day of Contact Cell Number:
Include estimate number of participants in your group. NO Santas or Mrs. Claus' please!
Please include vehicles pulling trailers.
The entry information and commentary is a critical component to our event. Every entry must provide the commentary prior to the parade. Deadline to submit this commentary is Nov. 28, 2018. Please begin with the name of your entry, followed by the name of the business/organization then a description of your entry. There is a max of 250 words per entry.
Please read the following and sign below.
The participant does hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Buda, the organizers, and sponsors from any liability arising from injury or loss resulting in bodily injury or property damage to any member of this organization from our participation in the 2018 Budafest Parade to be held in Downtown Buda on Saturday, December 1, 2018. *
I understand:
*This is a lighted parade. I MUST enhance my entry with lights. This year’s theme is Winter Wonderland. The more lights the better! *NO Live Santas or Mrs. Claus'. Santa will ride as the anchor of the parade. *Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed in the staging area or during the parade. *NO throwing or handing out any items from your entry. This is for your safety and for the safety of our community. *Participants may not ride on the hoods of vehicles. *Float height should not exceed 14' *If you have children under 16 walking, you will have one chaperone for every 12 children. *No 18 wheelers allowed. Large floats will provide four (4) adults to walk alongside and maintain safety for the spectators. *Any livestock will require a member of your group to clean up after the animals. *Float riders should be loaded onto the floats by 6:00 pm. There is a designated drop-off area near staging. Those not checked in and in place by 6:00 pm will be assumed a no-show and will not be a part of the final script or judging form. *You will receive your number and map before the parade. Please place this number on the Driver's Side window or front right side of your float for the judges to see. *There will be a designated area for unloading. NO EARLY UNLOADING of passengers during the parade. *Drivers should keep a half-block between them and the next entry. Speed limit is 5 mph. All participants need to move at a slow pace for the audience and for judges. *Keep your lights on dim. (no headlights) *Move in ascending numerical order as parade begins. If you are out of place, just move with the parade. If you are late and the parade has already begun, go to the back of the parade line and move with the others. *NO STOPPING for performances along the route. All performances must keep moving forward. *Once participants are unloaded, drivers should relocate. Do NOT disassemble floats in the unloading area. *You will designate a group leader that WILL communicate these guidelines with ALL participants. *Most importantly, you will have fun!
Please read agreement section above before signing.
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