39th Annual Budafest Craft Vendor Application

December 1-2  | 12-10 Sat |  12-5 Sun | Downtown Buda | www.budafest.org

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First Name
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Please provide a description wares and a photo of hand crafted merchandise/booth. **If the options for providing photos are inapplicable, please email your photos to gmoore@ci.buda.tx.us
We kindly provide 2ft of space between each booth.
We will accommodate new vendors as best we can but cannot guarantee a specific location. If you were a vendor last year please indicate your booth number. For ADA accessible locations please specify below.
Please read the following and sign below.
The participant does hereby release the City of Buda, Hays County, the State of Texas and all individuals connected with Budafest from any and all liabilities arising from any transaction or occurrence at the said Budafest, and agree to hold such parties forever harmless. *
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